Happy Monday everyone! I'm starting the week off with a roundup of my favourite canopy beds. I absolutely LOVE a good canopy bed, as they bring a great sense of interest to a bedroom when done right. These beds were really popular a few decades ago (well actually they were first popular hundreds and hundreds of years ago) but people mostly remember the ones that basically took over an entire bedroom with their heavy wooden frames! These were often very detailed and ornate, but the canopy beds popular today are much, much different!

You can find these bed frames in many different styles from modern to extremely traditional at a variety of price points. A good tip is to look at stores like Restoration Hardware Teen and Pottery Barn Kids - you can find a variety of stylish beds for lower prices (only downside is that queen is the largest size). If you are looking to add this style of bed to your room, keep in mind that a high ceiling is necessary! A lot of older homes have eight foot ceilings which are most likely not tall enough to accommodate these beds.

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It goes without saying that most spaces look better with some type of greenery incorporated into the design. Indoor plants (not flowers) can really help tie a room together, while at the same time add important visual interest to a room. For some, caring for indoor plants may come naturally, but for others (like myself), this can be quite challenging. Our condo has very little natural light, therefore almost every plant I have brought into our space has died! I used to think you could place any plant anywhere you wanted as long as your remembered to water it here and there, but I was wrong! Don't let this discourage you from buying indoor house plants - as long as you simply take a few minutes to learn about caring for a specific plant (and have some natural light), you should be able to keep it alive and looking great!

Here are a few tips when buying indoor house plants:

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Seeing as today is the first day of Spring, it is just about time to start thinking about sprucing up your outdoor spaces. It can sometimes be a challenge to create a comfortable, yet stylish outdoor space as items can be expensive and budgets don't always stretch far enough to be able to fully furnish your entire backyard! Whether you are looking to create an outdoor eating area, or wish to design an entire outdoor living room, these spaces can be GREAT for the summer months (really - they end up being an extension of your home) and I guarantee you will spend A LOT of your time out there!

There are TONS of places to look for outdoor furniture and accessories. Stores like Homesense have a great selection of smaller items, large department stores carry furniture collections, you can find super stylish entertaining and dinnerware items at your local grocery store (Provigo & Loblaws), and even more affordable retailers have great options - Target (sad face) and Walmart (which I hate but you can probably find decent options if your budget is limited).

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Decorating with Copper Elements

Love the look of copper but not sure how to incorporate this metallic tone into your decor? There are so many elements you can decorate with that don't include the typical 'Moscow mule mugs' (which are still great - I do have some myself!). True, it is easiest to include copper items in your kitchen - you can find a variety of accessories at almost any home store, but you can also incorporate this great warm metallic tone in almost any other room of your home.

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The Versatile Ikea Stockholm Rug

If you have ever tried searching for the perfect area rug for your home, you may have noticed that quality rugs can be hard to come bye! The majority are expensive (i'm talking thousands!) and most affordable options have that cheap synthetic feel that you don't want in your home! It's true -  shopping for large rugs can be a challenge if you're on a budget, but this is where the black and white Ikea STOCKHOLM rug comes in! This may not be a rug that many consider at first, but at $350 CAD for a 8 x 11 foot, 100% flat-weave wool rug - this piece shouldn't be overlooked, as it works in any room and with most styles of decor! (Nate Berkus used this rug in his own Chicago home and it made the cover of ELLE Decor - need I say more?).

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The Beauty of Painting Interior Doors Black

While this is NOT a new trend by any means, painting interior doors black is something I have not yet tried, but have been researching inspiration for a project that will be completed in the next few months. The idea of this may be intimidating to some, but it really shouldn't be if you follow a few simple tips! (plus it's just paint, so you can always re-paint).

First, it is important to paint doors that contain some sort of detail (i.e. trim or panelling). While you may be tempted to re-vamp plain white doors, the look you end up with may be less than ideal. Affordable interior doors are readily available at every big-box home improvement store and most have several options to choose from - you don't have to have custom solid wood doors! Just chose one with detail that you like and spruce them up with paint and door hardware.

Second, painting interior doors black look best in areas that have some sort of natural light. Painting doors in a upstairs hallway for example with minimal light may end up looking way too dark and dreary. This is really important to keep in mind! 

Lastly, it is important to have at least one other black element in the same space for balance! (or at least another dark colour). Chances are if you like light and extremely neutral spaces, you aren't painting your interior doors black, but, if you are it is crucial to have at least one other element in a dark tone. This can be in the form of anything from upholstery, to art, to furniture and lighting.

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Tips for Decorating a Rental

With the high costs of today's housing market, it's no surprise that more and more people are renting properties and not buying. This may leave many thinking they cannot put their own twist on their rental property and must leave everything as is. BIG MISTAKE! I never understand why people say "but i'm only renting, why would I spend the money?!" This is your home people - spend the $100 and paint the walls! Buy a stylish light fixture, it will go with you when you leave!

Rental apartments can often be outdated, very basic, and just downright gross, but don't let this get you down! There are still SO many ways to update a rental that are both budget friendly AND approved by landlords. Fun fact: most landlords do not care if you make modest changes (some may ask you to paint the place back to white when you leave, but who cares). Years ago in a previous rental of mine the landlord had the entire place professionally painted (a hideous yellow) and the following week my friend and I re-painted the entire place - he didn't mind at all!

If you are currently renting, follow these five simple ways to add style and interest to your space:

Paint the Walls

Update the Lighting

Install Drapery

Hang Art

Use Rugs

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Unique Nightstand Ideas

I am currently working on two bedroom projects and am about to take on three more next month, so I have been looking at nightstands for weeks! While there are tons of amazing options out there, these tend to come with a hefty price tag and quite often, more affordable options are cheaply made and this is evident by just looking at them!

I recently worked with a fantastic local atelier to re-finish a client's existing antique nightstands and they turned out amazing. Really - a whole new life was given to the pieces. This got me thinking, it isn't always necessary to spend $1000-$2000 on a new nightstand (but if you want to and you can - go for it!) and you don't have to settle on crappy mass produced options. Look at having an antique piece re-finished for an updated, more contemporary look. See what you have in your own home or what you can find at local antique shops, flea markets, thrift stores, or estate sales. 

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