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Last weekend I stopped by a local estate sale hoping to take home my next vintage treasure. The sale was great (one of the better estate sales i've been to) mainly because the home owner was a retired interior designer and lifelong antique collector. The house was beyond PACKED with amazing items, but the prices were INSANE. I'm not oblivious to the fact that true antiques and vintage items come with a price tag (into the thousands and thousands!), but the prices at this particular sale were a bit high. A lady stopped me in the basement and made a comment that the organizer of the sale tried to charge her $12 for a vase and she could go to Walmart and get something similar for cheaper. I smiled politely, but I really wanted to say 'lady if you're shopping for your decor items at Walmart, you no business 'shopping' this wonderfully curated sale of antiques'. By the way, nothing wrong with affordable decor on a budget, but we all know Walmart has nothing on Target's selection of home items.

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Recently i've noticed some amazingly inspiring photos on the One Kings Lane Instagram account that left me wondering where they were from! Turns out, One Kings Lane recently revealed their first ever 'living' showroom in the Connecticut home of OKL's own president, Debbie Propst. The first floor of her home that she shares with her family showcases not only her amazing talent (along with the team at OKL), but also many pieces that are available for purchase through OKL. 

The farmhouse-style home was modernized to showcase how people can actually live with these furnishings in the home and with the hope of inspiring customers to create their own tailored design with the OKL studio. The style of the home is a mix of what OKL has to offer. Some pieces are vintage, some picked by the OKL buyers, while others made specifically by OKL themselves. I think the mix is fantastic, the house looks so inviting and cozy!

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Antique Finds at Finnegan's Market

Despite the rain and horrible weather, I ended up back at Finnegan's in Hudson this past Saturday hoping to find a few treasures before the market closed for the season. Two weeks ago I saw the Greek statue below but wasn't sure and ended up leaving without it - big mistake! I find out later that one of my clients wanted it, so back I went the next weekend in the rain only to find out that the specific vendor had JUST packed up and left before I got there....uhhh. I knew this past weekend was my last chance, and luckily it was still there (and for a better price - woo!).

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2 Barn Owls: A unique local shop

This past weekend I spent Saturday morning in the country at Finnegan's, a flea market located just west of Montreal in the charming city of Hudson. While I did not find any treasures this time around, it was a perfect fall day with so many incredible fall colours everywhere - so the trip was not a total loss! Since I had made the short trek to Hudson, I decided to check out a local shop/atelier that was recommended to me as a 'must see'. It was described as a place Joanna Gains from Fixer Up would LOVE, and that description was totally on point.

2 Barn Owls is an art gallery/boutique/workshop located in an old barn right on Main Street. The two owners, Nancy Farnum and Mavis Martin describe their labour of love as "urban farmhouse chic". With everything from custom artwork to refinished antique furniture to handmade sculptures, 2 Barn Owls is truly one of a kind! If you like this style of decor and are looking for unique pieces, I would highly recommend checking this place out! Only downside is that the barn is only open Friday and Saturdays between 10 and 5 from May to October.......! This is because the barn is not heated and simply cannot open during the colder months. The good news is that you can make an appointment to visit whenever you want and both Nancy and Mavis will work with you on custom pieces and projects if you wish. From what I saw and understand, there is only ONE of everything making each piece one of a kind and exceptionally unique. 

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