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Colourful Front Doors - An instant makeover

Sometimes the simplest changes can make a huge impact. Take for example, switching the colour of your front door. You don't necessarily need to purchase an entirely new front door if you are looking to make a change to the outside of your home. Painting your front door a bold colour can make a huge difference to the look of your home!

There are so many amazing colours to choose from and your front door is the perfect place to go bold! Older wood doors are super easy to paint and look great in a high gloss finish. Benjamin Moore's Aura Grand Entrance paint is the absolute best. It comes in a satin or high gloss finish and is available in any colour! The high gloss gives a luxurious look that will surely make a great first impression.

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Decorating with Bold Colour

There are so many decisions to consider when designing/decorating your home and sometimes it is just easier to stick with safe options and keep a neutral palette. Don't get me wrong - this can be an amazing option when layered with different textures and patterns, but it is SO fun to use bold colours here and there!

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