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Tips for Decorating a Rental

With the high costs of today's housing market, it's no surprise that more and more people are renting properties and not buying. This may leave many thinking they cannot put their own twist on their rental property and must leave everything as is. BIG MISTAKE! I never understand why people say "but i'm only renting, why would I spend the money?!" This is your home people - spend the $100 and paint the walls! Buy a stylish light fixture, it will go with you when you leave!

Rental apartments can often be outdated, very basic, and just downright gross, but don't let this get you down! There are still SO many ways to update a rental that are both budget friendly AND approved by landlords. Fun fact: most landlords do not care if you make modest changes (some may ask you to paint the place back to white when you leave, but who cares). Years ago in a previous rental of mine the landlord had the entire place professionally painted (a hideous yellow) and the following week my friend and I re-painted the entire place - he didn't mind at all!

If you are currently renting, follow these five simple ways to add style and interest to your space:

Paint the Walls

Update the Lighting

Install Drapery

Hang Art

Use Rugs

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