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Recently i've noticed some amazingly inspiring photos on the One Kings Lane Instagram account that left me wondering where they were from! Turns out, One Kings Lane recently revealed their first ever 'living' showroom in the Connecticut home of OKL's own president, Debbie Propst. The first floor of her home that she shares with her family showcases not only her amazing talent (along with the team at OKL), but also many pieces that are available for purchase through OKL. 

The farmhouse-style home was modernized to showcase how people can actually live with these furnishings in the home and with the hope of inspiring customers to create their own tailored design with the OKL studio. The style of the home is a mix of what OKL has to offer. Some pieces are vintage, some picked by the OKL buyers, while others made specifically by OKL themselves. I think the mix is fantastic, the house looks so inviting and cozy!

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What's in my Makeup Bag

Today's post focuses on a completely different topic, BEAUTY! As previously mentioned, this is a lifestyle blog that will sometimes stray from interior design, so I thought I would write about my favourite beauty products that I pretty much use daily and will probably never go without.

About a year and a half ago I threw out 95% of my beauty products and made the switch to non-toxic/natural products. I am in NO WAY an expect on this topic, but I have taken the time to learn more about the chemicals commonly found in everyday products and their potential/unknown health consequences. My decision was simple: if there are safer choices out there, why not use them? I have done my best, but again not everything is 100% non-toxic/all natural as some options are simply WAY too expensive and a lot are not easily accessible/available in Canada. Below are some great products that I swear by! Even if you aren't looking for natural products, the list below is great for everyone.

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The Best of IKEA

There are definitely mixed feelings about IKEA in the design world. I have heard some professionals say they hate the place and never shop there, while others love it. Personally, I think IKEA is great for so many things and even though I wouldn't design my ENTIRE house with IKEA items, below are some of the products that I often pick up when I do make a trip to IKEA.

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