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Happy Monday everyone! I'm starting the week off with a roundup of my favourite canopy beds. I absolutely LOVE a good canopy bed, as they bring a great sense of interest to a bedroom when done right. These beds were really popular a few decades ago (well actually they were first popular hundreds and hundreds of years ago) but people mostly remember the ones that basically took over an entire bedroom with their heavy wooden frames! These were often very detailed and ornate, but the canopy beds popular today are much, much different!

You can find these bed frames in many different styles from modern to extremely traditional at a variety of price points. A good tip is to look at stores like Restoration Hardware Teen and Pottery Barn Kids - you can find a variety of stylish beds for lower prices (only downside is that queen is the largest size). If you are looking to add this style of bed to your room, keep in mind that a high ceiling is necessary! A lot of older homes have eight foot ceilings which are most likely not tall enough to accommodate these beds.

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A Hidden Gem: Hotel Liquidators

Happy Monday everyone! Today's post is definitely not for everyone, but if you are open to the idea, local hotel liquidators could be a hidden gem filled with amazing items! I first learnt about this while watching HGTV (obviously) years ago and a designer shopped for furniture at a hotel liquidator in Toronto. The thing to note about hotel liquidators is that often the furniture is relatively cheap and well-made. I'm talking real wood pieces people!

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