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IKEA Hack: Floating Credenza

So I FINALLY finished the IKEA floating credenza for our second bedroom that I started about a year ago. Horrible, I know - but the end result is really great and it was pretty easy to complete. 

It all started with the BESTA storage system from IKEA. The room is small and we needed something that would have storage and serve as a media stand for the TV, while not taking up too much space. I have seen similar projects done with IKEA kitchen cabinets, but I found the BESTA pieces to be perfect for the look I wanted to create. I ended up choosing three separate pieces to create a unique shape. One larger piece that has two doors, with two thinner pieces on either side, creating a more visually interesting wall unit. The larger piece cost $75, and each side piece cost $35. Of course it's IKEA, so you have to purchase the doors separately at $20 a piece AND the suspension rails at $10 a piece! So in the end, before taxes my IKEA purchase cost me $265 - which is extremely reasonable for a piece of furniture. 

These BESTA pieces can sit on the floor with different footing options, or they can be mounted to the wall with the suspension rails. I opted to go to for the floating look and attached the pieces to the wall (and by me I actually mean my dad because he did all the work). 

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The Best of IKEA

There are definitely mixed feelings about IKEA in the design world. I have heard some professionals say they hate the place and never shop there, while others love it. Personally, I think IKEA is great for so many things and even though I wouldn't design my ENTIRE house with IKEA items, below are some of the products that I often pick up when I do make a trip to IKEA.

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IKEA Hack - DIY Gold Flush Mount Light

Even though we rent our city condo, we replaced all the lighting when we moved in over two years ago. Well, all except for one fixture - which I really didn't think was noticeable until guests always asked why there was only one random lightbulb exposed......... The fixture happens to be placed in an awkward spot between the bedroom and bathroom on the part of the ceiling that is dropped for the central air, meaning it HAS to be a flush mount fixture. Great - most flush mounts are HIDEOUS and those that aren't are typically expensive. As much as I would love to purchase one of the fixtures seen below, let's be honest - not everyone has $500 + to spend on one flush mount (it ain't no dining room chandelier!)


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