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The Beauty of Painting Interior Doors Black

While this is NOT a new trend by any means, painting interior doors black is something I have not yet tried, but have been researching inspiration for a project that will be completed in the next few months. The idea of this may be intimidating to some, but it really shouldn't be if you follow a few simple tips! (plus it's just paint, so you can always re-paint).

First, it is important to paint doors that contain some sort of detail (i.e. trim or panelling). While you may be tempted to re-vamp plain white doors, the look you end up with may be less than ideal. Affordable interior doors are readily available at every big-box home improvement store and most have several options to choose from - you don't have to have custom solid wood doors! Just chose one with detail that you like and spruce them up with paint and door hardware.

Second, painting interior doors black look best in areas that have some sort of natural light. Painting doors in a upstairs hallway for example with minimal light may end up looking way too dark and dreary. This is really important to keep in mind! 

Lastly, it is important to have at least one other black element in the same space for balance! (or at least another dark colour). Chances are if you like light and extremely neutral spaces, you aren't painting your interior doors black, but, if you are it is crucial to have at least one other element in a dark tone. This can be in the form of anything from upholstery, to art, to furniture and lighting.

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Simplifying Neutral Paint Colours

When I say choosing a neutral paint colour is hard, you may think "how hard can it be to pick a white?" Well good luck going into a paint store and asking for 'the white' and expect to walk out with a gallon of the perfect paint 30 seconds later. Deciding on which neutral hues to use in your home is often more difficult than choosing brighter colours. As weird as it sounds, lighter hues tend to all look similar, while as the same time end up looking completely different when placed next to each other and in the end, NOTHING like you expect when painted on a wall! For an old apartment of mine, we wanted a 'light grey' for the entire place. Next thing we know - we were picking a colour right from the swatch (first mistake) and the entire place resembled a giant dolphin! Last time my parents painted their main hallway, my mom chose a 'soft cream/beige' colour, but it looked more like a basket of peaches!

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