My Favourite Coffee Table Books

It is no secret that I LOVE books (well, mostly picture books that sit on my coffee table :)) and I was so happy to find several new ones under the Christmas tree this year, so it seemed fitting that my first post of 2017 looks at my favourites! A few years ago i'm pretty sure I only had one or two books placed on my bookshelf and I thought I would never have enough to fill my home. Fast forward to today and I barely have space for my growing collection!

The majority of my favourite books are design focused and I read them all the time. They serve as inspiration for new ideas and client projects and I pretty much ask for design books for any birthday or holiday! Most of my collection has come from Chapters (the largest bookstore in Canada), but over the last few months I have found some amazing options at Homesense! (equivalent to Homegoods in the US). I'm talking about brand new, popular books people! (at incredible prices too). I expressed my excitement to the cashier one day when I grabbed three or four brand new releases and she informed me that their buyers were out there sourcing the same titles as Chapters. Amazing!

Below are 25 excellent options that are both a good read and look pretty sitting on any shelf or table. If you are looking to add some new books to your home, or are looking for gift ideas - start with some of the options below. Of the 25, I own 16 and the remaining nine are on my wish list! (i'm not going to lie - I have sat in Chapters and looked through them all, so I can attest to their amazing content). Most look at interiors, but there are a few that are fashion focused and a few that are fun for everyone (even men!).

There are literally probably 100 other books I could add to this list, but at the moment these are the ones I own/have browsed that make up my top 25 favourites! 

Any coffee table books that you love?!