The sun FINALLY decided to come out here in Montreal, so I was able to complete the small refresh I had planned this year for our condo balcony. Below was my original inspiration from years ago before we even moved out. I wanted that outdoor rug so bad, but needed to find something more budget friendly at the time, so I opted for something similar. I still LOVE this space and when I saw this picture again yesterday, I immediately began to regret my choice for blue pillows and suddenly wished I had white pillows, bought more ferns, and added black lattice with greenery to hide the ugly walls.............uhhhhh

Image source: House & Home

Image source: House & Home

As previously mentioned here, I wanted to add a small table & chairs and a few updates to our small outdoor space! The balcony is not glamorous by any means -  it is a small, builder basic, cookie cutter condo balcony. A style of home I HATE, but am happy to live in the city in a clean and never lived-in before condo, so I do my best to mix different elements of decor and try to stay away from having our place look like a typical new development condo. Here is a picture of the balcony last summer after I sold our old table and chairs before I added anything else. As you can see there is no privacy whatsoever and very little natural light, but we have a view of the canal on one side, a view of the city skyline on the other, and a giant water basin (still not sure of its purpose?) in the middle, so overall the space isn't that bad. I purchased the outdoor rugs from Crate & Barrel years ago and still like them. I used two to get the look of one larger rug so that it would fit the space, but you can't even tell once the furniture is placed on top.

This is as far as I got last summer! Not horrible, but I think I like the look of white flowers better and the back cushions definitely needed to be larger! (Ikea was sold out of the back cushions that went with the chairs, so I was never able to get them last year and didn't feel the need to purchase them this year).

Here was the plan for the refresh!

I purchased two of Ikea's TARNO chairs and opted to get the SALTHOLMEN table instead of the matching TARNO table to create my own set.

Of course I hated the look and knew I wanted to paint everything black. The joke was on me I guess because both the chairs and table were already assembled - like really, the only Ikea pieces I've ever bought that I had to disassemble myself in order to paint. I used Rust-Oleum's 2X Ultra Cover spray paint in Canyon Black satin finish and it covered extremely well. I was told it should hold up to outdoor elements, but we shall see about that one!

Below were my final two options for the new outdoor pillows. I ended up choosing the left option, which is the Robin's Egg blue Indoor/Outdoor fabric from Tonic Living.

I laugh at myself now looking at all the plant & greenery options I was considering above. After visiting a few local nurseries and learning that a) mostly everything needs full sun, b) so many plants and trees are actually HUGE in person, c) outdoor plants are damn expensive, and d) I will most likely kill everything, I was basically forced to choose some simple annuals, but ended up going back a few days later to grab a cedar and fern because some corners were looking a little bare. While I would love to line our entire balcony with cedars to block out neighbours, I am actually really happy with the plants I chose. The space is pretty small, so a crowded forest was not ideal and now my planters are each filled with a nice variety of plants and white flowers that look great together and are visually interesting without overpowering the space.

Here is the final mood board with all the elements I ended up using:

The string globe lights I had in the original plan didn't make the cut! They simply didn't look right in the space - too much clutter.......

Here is the final result!

The corner to the left was the perfect space for the new table and chairs. We ate dinner out there over the weekend and there was just the right amount of room. The chairs work best when placed on this angle so it left the corner feeling too empty, hence the new cedar. I know, I know the white pot is technically too small but finding nice options mid-June is hard - i'll be returning this one!

The perfect spot for coffee and some reading!

I love the look of the planter I added. The hanging greenery is my favourite. Pot is old from Homesense, candle holder old from Pottery Barn, striped pillow is from Ikea.

Here is what the other side looks like. A great spot to enjoy a few cocktails at the end of the day. 


The outdoor pillows turned out great. I'm happy with the fabric I chose from Tonic Living (found here) and find the blue gives the space a new look. 

A few details! The pot on the left is from Homesense and the blue & white pot is vintage.

The view at night! The addition of a few candles / lanterns will make up for the missing globe lights and can easily be moved indoor if needed.

Montreal skyline!