Last fall I was working on a project where the client wanted a new cabinet for their living room and LOVED the Crate & Barrel Vitrine cabinet (seen below) but it simply wasn't in the budget. At well over $2000 CAD, that is understandable when you have a whole room to furnish and re-decorate so I set out to find another suitable option! 

I did really like the Crate & Barrel piece though -  the clean lines, perfect shade of grey, and glass doors made for a pretty decent piece of store bought furniture.

SO I was BEYONd thrilled when I found a very similar second hand piece that I knew could be made over by me and wouldn't even require it to be sent out for professional refinishing!

Here is the listing picture I saw online for the piece! For $70 this was a STEAL and it fit perfectly (i'm talking like mm to spare) in the back of my SUV. Obviously it is slightly different from the Crate & Barrel Vitrine cabinet (there is glass on both sides, drawers on the bottom, and feet on the bottom), but for under $100, I knew we would achieve a similar look.

I completed the following steps (as I always do when painting furniture):

1. Wash the entire piece with TSP

2. Lightly sand 

3. Prime

4. Lightly sand again

5. Paint using Benjamin Moore's ADVANCE paint. We chose BM's Silver Fox

Here is the finished piece! We replaced the knobs with hammered gold ones from Zara Home (no longer available). 

In all, the total cost remained around $100 or so!

DIY, FurnitureKelly Boyd