IKEA Hack - DIY Gold Flush Mount Light

SO while browsing the Jonathan Adler website recently I came across a flush mount fixture that caught my eye. Still, a bit expensive seeing as I have a MILLION other things that I want to change around here. So I searched other sites and came across SO many fantastic gold/brass options that I absolutely LOVED, but again, expensive (especially for a rental). My favourites are below, but I knew that I would never actually take the plunge and order one of them.

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Then like fate, the new IKEA catalog was released and like many other bloggers I found myself browsing their website. I came across this flush mount fixture (IKEA LYSBOJ Ceiling Lamp):

IKEA LYSBOJ Ceiling Lamp

IKEA LYSBOJ Ceiling Lamp

It has a similar shape to some of the fixtures above and it only costs $7.99!!!! I immediately thought I could paint it gold - DIY PROJECT! Even if it didn't work I would have only wasted about $10 - so what, who cares.

So I went to IKEA one Saturday morning and I kid you not, I was in and out in under seven minutes! I assembled the light and decided I would paint it gold to get the look of the other fixtures I like. I used the Design Master spray paint from Michaels in Antique Gold (I already had this left over from another project). To my surprise it adhered really well. The piece is the typical flimsy IKEA plastic so I had NO idea if it would work. I wanted to add a small piece to the bottom of the fixture as seen in many of the other lights I had looked at. I bought a small bolt from Home Depot (which cost about 35 cents) and filled it with drywall spackle (found in my parent's garage). Once dried, I sanded the top to ensure it was flat and sprayed the piece with gold spray paint. 

Only after did I realize that I painted the ENTIRE fixture gold and I should have left the bottom as it was.


Uhhhh I thought my project was ruined but I ended up removing the bottom and turned it over. I was pleasantly surprised - it was still white on the other side (except for a few spots around the edge). I was able to remove the unwanted paint with a paper towel and vegetable oil (thanks Google!). This mistake was actually for the best and I would recommend painting the entire fixture gold and only flipping the bottom over to reveal the white side at the very end. This way you can easily spray the edges that are exposed once the fixture is fully assembled. Lastly, I glued the bolt to the centre of the white bottom and Voila - my $8.00 DIY gold flush mount light fixture!




I am SO happy with how this project turned out. It was really easy to complete and the finished look is amazing! Here are some close up pictures of the light installed:



Even if you have no desire to complete this DIY gold flush mount project yourself -  If you only take ONE thing away from this post - please please please let it be that those hideous 'boob' style fixtures are NOT NECESSARY!!!! There are affordable and stylish flush mount options out there for every budget!

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