Essentials for a Stylish Kitchen

1. Display Pretty Cookbooks

This may seem obvious, but some people store their cookbooks in cupboards. If you have books that look pretty and you use often, place them in plain view! Stack books on open shelves, purchase a cookbook stand, or line up books on the counter and use canisters or jars as bookends.

2. Wooden Cutting Boards

Yes, you can get simple plastic cutting boards, but why do that when you can get wood options that also look great! These boards can be left on display against a backsplash or behind the stove and can also act as pretty serving platters when entertaining.

3. Paper Towel Holder

Some people have paper towel holders build into cupboards - which I like because it hides everything, but if you don't have that option in your kitchen, don't worry -  there are stylish options on there. Seeing as most people use paper towels many times a day, why not keep them on the counter for easy reach? The collection below from Crate & Barrel has a stylish marble option that looks great! I have the same one in my kitchen and I love the look. There are several pieces in this collection, so you can create a cohesive look in your kitchen with other everyday accessories.

4. Kettle

Keeping a kettle on display on the stove is a great idea - especially if you are a tea lover and use it often. In my opinion, there are two routes you can take - a colourful option or the classic stainless steel. Le Creuset has TONS of colours to choose from (even basic neutrals) so you are sure to find one that matches your kitchen. If you want something more subtle, opt for a stainless steel kettle. Just look for one with an interesting shape or unique detail!


5. Salt and Pepper Mills

Overlooked by so many, but fancy salt and pepper mills are essential! Chances are you use these items quite often so why not pick a pretty option?! Think wood or neutral colours. I love the glossy grey option below!

If you're like me and have several different salts in your kitchen, look for stylish salt crocks like the one below. The wood tone looks great in virtually every kitchen and can sit on your counter all the time. They often come with a little spoon which is great for keeping it on the table as well.

6. Utensil Holder

100% necessary - no question about that! Look for something simple and neutral, like the white or marble options below. To keep a clean look, try and fill your crock with wood or stainless steel utensils, keep other colours hidden in a drawer.


7. Tea Towels

The first tea towels I ever purchased were from Williams Sonoma. While they are decent, the towels look awful when hung on the stove. Maybe because they are stained and all wrinkly after washing, either way I knew I needed something more stylish since they hang in plain sight. Stripes are always a good option or a fun floral if you like colour. Tea towels are relatively cheap and can be switched out seasonally to match your holiday decor (last year I found the nicest Christmas plaid ones from the dollar store!)

8. Decorative Bowls

Display fresh produce or fruit in decorative bowls. Again, look for wood options like the ones below or bowls with unique shapes. Please do not place fruit in those typical 90s three tiered wire baskets and people, take note - bananas DO NOT need their own stand..........


9. Add Greenery

Don't forget about your kitchen when adding greenery to your home. Chances are, you have a window with decent lighting which makes the kitchen a perfect place for a plant. Topiaries look great next to the sink, but a potted plant will also look just fine. If you have a good size window ledge you can add potted herbs which will serve a double purpose!


10. Add a Rug

Last but not least, add a small rug by the sink! (or a runner if space permits). Vintage rugs look great in kitchens, especially if you have a very neutral space with no other colour. These rugs are great because typically they are already very worn in and will most likely hide dirt and spills (to an extent). However, sometimes vintage rugs are hard to come by and can be very expensive. In this case, look for a more simple option in a pattern and colour you like. Keep in mind that lighter rugs will dirty easily (like the striped one below), but usually you can throw these types of rugs in the wash.

This may seem like a lot of essential items all at once, but honestly you can find really affordable options! Most of the items linked above are from accessible stores, but some items are a tad expensive and you may be thinking 'these aren't for me'. If this is the case, I HIGHLY suggest you check out your local Homesense (Homegoods if you are in the USA). Without a doubt, I know you will be able find everything listed above at these stores for great prices! (minus the plants). I have the cutest striped tea towels with tassels that were $3 a towel, wood and marble cutting boards that were under $15, and a kitchen rug that I found for $20! Also, if you are lucky enough to live near a Target (which we in Canada are not, uhhhhhh), you will surely be able to find stylish kitchen essentials there as well! 

Have a great weekend everyone!