Unfortunately for me, there was nothing that REALLY caught my eye so I left with the $200 I came with which was the upside! If I did have extra cash to blow, I could have easily bought a few items and been quite happy. Below are some of the items that caught my interest! I actually went first thing Saturday morning to browse and returned Sunday afternoon (the organizer said the prices would be better) and almost every single item I had my eye on were STILL there! Makes me wonder what people did buy.

This upholstered leopard chair was really nice in person. It was clear the piece was professionally upholstered and in great condition. I think they were asking $325 if I remember correctly. 

leopard chair.jpg

I really liked this antique crock. While it was really big (perfect for an umbrella holder), the price was $425. I don't think so.


I loved this framed sketch of a home. The price was fine, and now that i'm looking at it again, I kind of regret not picking it up. Damn.


Original abstract art. There were tons of original pieces in the home, and I believe they were priced fairly. If you love a piece or art and it's an original, don't necessarily let a price tag scare you. Original artwork can REALLY transform a space. I hate reproductions that you can buy already framed from mass producers, but not everyone can afford original pieces! Estate sales (and places like Etsy) are great sources to check for original artwork for fair prices.


Another original piece, which I actually loved. I would remove that linen border and have it framed in a simple black frame for a more contemporary look. Each of these nude paintings were around $300 I think, which is totally do-able, but I left them! I really think they are quite fun though!


A large nude portrait -  loved this one!


Not sure what the purpose of this green ceramic item was, but it caught my eye. It was in the main room right when you walked into the home, and it was still there at the end of the weekend. I guess no one else was intrigued like I was.


A cute accent chair. The details were great, but it would require new upholstery and the cane back was damaged (and it was probably at least $300).


Cute blue and white ginger jar lamps (new shades needed, obviously). There were actually a lot of nice table lamps, but mostly singles - no pairs!


Tons of gold frames! Uhhh looking at this one now, I regret not buying it.


Another frame - less detail.


This incredibly detailed accent table was really pretty, but a bit too traditional for any project i'm currently working on.


For some reason I loved this super odd, alien shaped statue. He was $375 and realistically, I would probably never use this anywhere, it is quite odd.


I carried this frame around for a while (the white-washed one), but ended up leaving it behind. The original price tag from a previous antique shop was $375, but I was told I could take it for $75. I guess that wouldn't be too bad if I had a specific place to use it, but I don't so I left it.


Finally, a pharmacy style desk lamp in a perfect brushed brass finish. I didn't even ask the price of this item, but it would be great on a desk, and again kind of love it now that i'm looking at it. Uhhh.


That was all!

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