I have been spring cleaning as of late and have come across SO many items in my kitchen that I love so I figured why not share?! All the items listed below are items that I have been using for years and would 100% buy again if they broke or were lost! All the items are linked below in the description.

Krups Toaster - LOVE this toaster! I know, it's a toaster - who cares! But ours sits on our counter at all times so why not look great? We bought this three years ago and it still works (and looks) great! 

Williams Sonoma Spatulas - These spatulas are great. No explanation needed, I just love them! 

Crate and Barrel Camille Wine Glasses - These wine glasses were made famous by Olivia Pope on Scandal, but to be honest, I had them years before I ever knew that! Friends always comment on these glasses when they come over for drinks and I have now gifted them many times. I currently have the red wine glasses, but would love to get the matching white wine and champagne coupes.

Nespresso Vertuoline - We have had this machine for three years now and I still love it (but sometimes I miss drip coffee). This machine makes regular coffee or espresso and you can also buy the milk frother. It also looks great on the counter.

Joseph Joseph Spoon Colander - A friend of mine had this spoon colander years ago and I ended up buying my own. Great for smaller items that don't require a large colander (hard boiled eggs, certain pastas, etc). 

Crate and Barrel Spice Jars - My favourite little spice jars! Depending on where you store them, you can label the side or top of the jar for convenience. 

Copper Colander  - I love the look of copper and this colander sits on the exposed shelving in my kitchen. I scored this piece from Loblaws for $5 months ago, but I have seen similar at Homesense and Crate & Barrel.

Cookbooks - I love cookbooks, even though it is sometimes easier to use your phone! These two are favourites in our house and we use both quite often - Inspiralized  by Ali Maffucci and Everyday Superfood by Jamie Oliver. 

Le Creuset Stock Pot - Love this pot! It's huge and really deep, so perfect for soups or sauces. 

Titan Peelers - These are the absolute best peelers! We received them as a gift (one regular and one julienne peeler) and I cannot recommend them enough. You can peel anything in 1.5 seconds.

Joseph Joseph Garlic Press - This garlic press is great! Slightly expensive, but it's worth it! SUPER easy to clean compared to regular presses, you simply run it under water immediately after use and let it dry.

Crate and Barrel Glass Canisters - These are probably my favourite storage canisters ever. Air tight and stylish with the wood lid, these jars sit on my counter at all times to hold items we use often.

Mrs. Meyers Hand Soap - I've used this soap for years in the kitchen and purchased the MUM scent last time I was in the states. It is by far my favourite scent i've tried, but I am not sure if this specific option is available in Canada. Recently, Mrs. Meyers officially launched in Canada (not sure what that means because I used to buy these products all the time at Canadian Tire until one day it disappeared!). Just look for the pink bottle!

And while I have so many items in my kitchen that I love, there are of course a bunch of wish list items that I want and hope to have one day! Take a look below. (all items linked in the description).

The Inspiralizer - I have a crappy spiralizer, but this one is supposed to be the best! We have been using our current one for months, so I decided to order the official Inspiralizer last week! You can follow along here (www.inspiralized.com) for recipes and ideas (she's the creator of the Inspiralizer and has a great blog & website!).

Wusthof Knife Block - Invest in the best knife set you can! I would love a good Wusthof set that has everything you need! We already have a set of Wusthof steak knives which are so sleek looking and work great!

Simple Drinking Glasses - The majority of our drinking glasses have broken over the years, so I would like a nice, simple set like the ones above.

AERIN for Williams Sonoma Ice Bucket - Blue and white - enough said. This would look so pretty in a cabinet with glass doors, or on a bar cart!

Bamboo Style Flatware -  I have always loved the look of bamboo style flatware. Great for everyday use and can be used for more formal settings as well. 

Boos Block Cutting Board - I love Boos Block cutting boards, but man are they expensive! My favourite is the darker walnut option like the one above.

Nancy Silverton Cookbook - I saw Nancy Silverton on Netflix's Chef's Table and was mesmerized! An Italian style chef based in Los Angeles and I would highly recommend watching the show! 

Le Creuset - A giant Le Creuset pot is essential for every kitchen (in my opinion), but they are EXPENSIVE! I love the simple matte black collection.

Gold Flatware - I wouldn't use gold flatware everyday, but I would love to have a gold set for formal occasions and dinner parties.

Farmhouse Pottery - I blogged about this company a few weeks ago, they have amazing handmade pottery items and I would love some of the essentials for my kitchen.