Image source: Farmhouse Pottery

Image source: Farmhouse Pottery

If you follow a lot of interior design accounts on Instagram, chances are you have seen some of the incredible items from Farmhouse Pottery. Their work was popping up on my feed and I was loving their simple, neutral designs. It is definitely easy to find decor items like vases or kitchen essentials anywhere, but it is quite difficult to find unique, handmade items with a story that look great in your home.

Farmhouse Pottery is where you find these unique items! Located in the small town of Woodstock Vermont (look at their cute store and workshop above), this local business was founded by one couple, Zoe and James. Their philosophy is simple (as seen below), every piece is handmade in their local workshop using simple, traditional techniques by skilled craftsmen and makers. There are no massive machines, rather old techniques are used and products are not mass produced. Aside from their popular pottery items, you can also find an array of home decor items from furniture to linens, as well as apparel and curated gift sets on their website. You can even create a wedding registry with Farmhouse Pottery (LOVE) and they offer workshops right in their Vermont atelier for individuals, couples, or groups that include actual pottery lessons paired with wine and cheese! 


They have TONS of kitchen items from unique serving dishes, to specific kitchen prep items and even FULL dish sets and dog bowls available on their website! Below are some of my favourite items from Farmhouse Pottery (I guess this would be my registry if I were creating one here!!). I would LOVE to have these items in my home! Check out their website (www.farmhousepottery.com) to see more of their amazing handmade pieces. 

It looks like their store/workshop is conveniently located on route to Maine and I may have to stop in on this year on our annual trip.........!

Happy Friday everyone!