The weather this past Saturday was great, so I made a last minute decision to check out Finnegan's market in Hudson for the first time this season. Although there were several pieces that I recognized from last season, there was also tons of new stuff that caught my eye and I wish I could have taken with me!

I tend to rush through the vendors saying to myself "need it, definitely getting that, oh I could use that" but quickly have to switch my brain on to be realistic and realistically, unless it's for a client - there isn't much I need right now...... While I would love to buy items and store them for later use in my own home or hoard for future projects, I simply don't have room for that either so everything I was eyeing was left behind. 

Here are some of the items that caught my eye from last weekend!

A detailed vintage rug. Very bright, but perfect for a wider hallway or smaller area.

These large ginger jars were amazing. At first I thought the price tag said $20, so I started fumbling for my cash but quickly realized there was another zero and each piece was $200 - which is definitely more realistic!

A cute accent chair (in need of some TLC), but it was priced at only $35 and would be perfect for a little girl's room (it was quite small).

Tons of old frames!

A good selection of vintage shutters!

I saw tons of vintage wine jugs, like tons. 

One vendor had a huge selection of brass planters. Pretty details, just in need of a good cleaning/polish.


A cute elephant plant stand/stool!

Pretty original oil paintings (new frames would look nice).

A very detailed vintage desk & chair. The desk would look great refinished with new hardware. I love the details on the edge!

There were SO many pretty vintage lighting options. Perfect for an entryway or small dining room - I loved these and wish I could buy one, but I have no use!

This was by far my favourite find. The vendor was there showcasing his skills (refinishing and caning repair) and this chair was one of the finished pieces he was displaying! With perfect lines and a nice neutral fabric, I REALLY wanted this, but it was priced at $650 and if I am refinishing a vintage chair, I would prefer to hunt for the perfect one (preferably a set) and use a really fun fabric!

This was the only thing that came home with me - a vintage gold frame with an original oil painting and I have to admit -  I totally regret buying it! In the bright sunlight behind my sunglasses this looked like the PERFECT gold frame, so I jumped and took it planning to remove the existing art. When I got home and saw the piece in better lighting, the finish is meh and I hate the speckled look. Oh well!