Gift Guide - Hostess

With only a handful of weekends left before the holidays, it's time to start thinking about hostess gifts! This time of year is typically filled with elaborate parties, dinners with friends and family, and even small get-togethers with neighbours that can leave you feeling like your go-to bottle of wine is typical and boring! While alcohol rarely fails, I have rounded up some great gifts for hosts/hostesses below that will surely be greatly appreciated and enjoyed long beyond the holidays!

1. & 2. Holiday decor items are great hostess gifts (especially if you don't have much shopping time on your hands, as decor like this is EVERYWHERE this time of year). I love candle holders like these Silver Star Hurricanes, or unique ornaments like these Glass Macaron Ornaments. So cute!

3. & 4.Wood and Marble Cutting Board  Copper Cheese Knives

5. & 6. Cute Matches paired with a great Candle always makes for a great gift! This particular candle smells amazing, is soy based, and hand poured. Stick with non-holiday scents so the candle can be enjoyed beyond the holiday season.

7. This Herringbone Throw looks cozy and the neutral tones will surely match almost any colour of your host/hostess's home.

8. A pretty serving utensil like this Gold Cake Server is great for holiday gatherings and remains a stylish kitchen accessory all year long!

9. & 10. Why not pair a large Popcorn Bowl with a Gourmet Popcorn Gift Set?! Great for hosts with kids who will also enjoy this gift.

11. Home Diffusers are great gifts. They last forever and blend nicely with other home decor accessories. This one by Jo Malone is la creme de la creme of home diffusers, but you can find more budget friendly options in almost any home store that also smell amazing!

12. I recently purchased hand soap from Compagnie De Provence and it smells amazing. These soaps are expensive, so a set like this makes for a great hostess gift!

13. & 14. These Champagne Coupes are stunning. I have the matching red wine glasses and everyone always asks where they are from! When gifting champagne glasses, you only have to give two and you don't have to pair with champagne! If you do want to add something extra, these Marble Coasters are gorgeous.

15. I love this Monogrammed Soap set

16. & 17. Cute coffee Mugs paired with fresh coffee beans from your local coffee shop (Victor Rose Coffee) is a great gift that your host can enjoy the next morning! (but make sure you know what type of coffee machine they use - giving whole coffee beans to someone that has a Nespresso machine won't work!)

18. I love receiving coffee table books as gifts! If you aren't sure of your host/hostess interests, the Humans of New York book is adored by many and a great read.

19. & 20. When in doubt alcohol never fails! But this is often consumed at the party and not truly enjoyed by the host. A nice bottle of wine like Kim Crawford Pinot Gris is still a great gift idea, but try pairing it with a little something extra like this Marble Wine Chiller.

21. For the avid cook or foodie, go with fancy olive oils or salts. This Lemon Infused Extra Version Olive Oil and Pomegranate Infused Balsamic Vinegar is incredible mixed together for salad dressings or for dipping bread.