Local Lighting Source: Atelier Anaka

The founder of Atelier Anaka, Daniel Anaka began experimenting and creating unique lighting fixtures a few years ago when he became frustrated with the lack of affordable lighting options. Each piece, which are inspired by organic, natural elements and mid-century design are named after family or friends that have served as inspiration for Daniel.

Below are some of the amazing lighting options that are available from the atelier. Each handmade piece is made to order and most have custom sizes available as well. 

The 'Alain 9'  below is inspired by tree branches. Each 'branch' is adjustable allowing you to adjust the bulbs to your liking.

The same light is also available in a semi flush mount version. I love this one!

Each branch on the 'Florence 15' is adjustable which allows you to create a unique shape that fits your space.

I love the gold and black finishes on the 'Kelly 5'. The vintage lightbulbs also contribute to the unique look which is described as 'gothic-inspired elegance' by Daniel.

The 'Kelly 1' is the wall sconce version of the light above, shown with a different lightbulb which changes the look.

I love the wall sconce below! The 'Lawrence 2' shown with shown with the coolest light bulbs!

The clean lines of the 'Natasha 12' give the piece a classic mid-century look.

While the 'Shereen 8' has a similar mid-century look, but with a asymmetrical shape.

This may be my favourite piece! The 'Robyn 15' was inspired by the roots of a tree and again, each 'branch' is adjustable to create a unique look.

 A simple pendant, the 'Rosella 1' is made of blown glass that give each piece a unique shape.

There are more stunning options to see on the atelier's website (www.atelieranaka.com). Check it out!