As we approach mid August, not only can we expect some cooler temperatures (I think), but also the release of the 2018 Ikea catalog! While I believe it is already available in the US, I think we have to wait a few more weeks for it to hit the Canadian website and stores, which is ok because I have browsed the new arrivals and compiled my favourites above! 

There doesn't seem to be too many larger pieces (furniture, etc.), but it looks as though Ikea has introduced some amazing gold accessories (something the store seriously lacked before).

Gold Lighting - Great affordable options (both under $20!).

Striped Throws - Stripes are always great and these are very affordable.

Baskets - I'm not sure if the baskets above will be available in Canada, but you can find similar grey felt options!

Gold Flatware - This REALLY interests me! I can't be certain of the quality, but if it is decent, the 20 piece set is only $60!

Alarm Clock - A traditional shape with a modern look!

Green Sectional - I think this style may be new, but if it isn't, the green slip cover certainly in! The sectional is available in several sizes and configurations all of which are really affordable for a HUGE sofa and the green is a great colour option that you don't see everywhere!

Duvet Cover - I love this black & white botanical duvet cover and sham set! 

Rug - This ombre rug would be perfect in a kid's room!

Table Lamp - This huge white table lamp would look great in a living or family room. Even the shade looks decent, which is nice because sometimes Ikea's lamp shades are really ugly BUT, it would also look great with a coloured or linen shade as well!

Champagne Coupes - At $2.99 a glass, you could buy a bunch if you needed glasses for a dinner party. The 'coupe' style is a nice twist on the traditional looking flutes that everyone has.

I think i'll have a to make a trip to Ikea in the near future and take a look at some of these items in person!



IKEAKelly Boyd