Antique Finds at Finnegan's Market

There were so many other items that I had overlooked before that were suddenly catching my eye!

These antique crystal and brass door knobs were in great shape (just needed some cleaning) and there were TONS, probably enough for an entire home.

This one vendor had a whole barn filled with vintage chandeliers and pendants. I love this antique brass option for over a dining room table.

The same vendor also had this massive iron chandelier. The piece must have been at least four feet high!

This giant iron horse was unique. Not sure where one would use this thing......but it was an interesting piece for sure!

A few antique Persian style rugs......

Love the detail on this side table.

A vintage dough bowl - I love these bowls for a centrepieces! While you can find them at retail stores, a one-of-a-kind vintage option is always best.

I took this faux bamboo gold frame home with me. The finish is perfect for a living room project I am working on (minus the print).

LOVED these chairs! They weren't expensive and didn't require any reupholstering if blue is your colour. Unfortunately, I do not have room so they did not come home with me.

A vintage set of wine glasses with gold trim in perfect condition. Perfect for the upcoming holidays!

I first saw this starburst mirror two weeks ago, and it was still there this past weekend. The vendor informed me that it was handmade of wood and from an old church. Unfortunately I have no space for this.....maybe it will still be there next year!

Tons of dishes in a variety of colours.

A set of suitcases in amazing condition. These would be perfect stacked as a nightstand in a boy's room - also great for storage!

Have a great week everyone!

Antiques, Flea MarketKelly Boyd