Lighting your home can be REALLY expensive, especially if you are outfitting your entire house with new lighting fixtures and looking for something unique. Finding stylish, affordable lighting is often a challenge, so when it comes to outdoor lighting people often overlook this area by either leaving the existing fixtures or choosing something cheap and ugly. I totally understand that most people don't have a $2000 + budget for outdoor lighting, even spending $500-$1000 is often not in the cards for a lot of people and that is okay - you can still find stylish options for affordable prices! Below I have rounded up 20 fixtures all under $100!!! Under $100!!

Keep in mind when choosing outdoor fixtures that if they are for the front of your home, a stylish fixture will help with curb appeal and making a great first impression, so choose a light that is large enough (often people go too small) and one that complements the style of your home. Fixtures meant for the back of the house or sides can be smaller (but should still complement the style and work with the look of any front lights you have chosen).

Images are linked below!

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