Choosing a Stair Runner



Image Via:  Dash & Albert

Image Via: Dash & Albert

Neutral runners in a geometric pattern or a classic stripe can work in both traditional or modern style homes. Keep in mind that a light runner will likely show dirt and wear over time compared to darker colours. They look great but may not always be practical for your family.

The space below by Jeff Andrews looks wild, but the runner itself is just a black and white geometric pattern!

Image via:  Jeff Andrews Design


Colourful runners will surely make a great statement. Choose a colourful runner as an accent if the rest of your space tends to be more neutral. Many companies like Dash & Albert have several colour options per pattern allowing you to choose a pattern you like then one of the several colour options!

Image via:  Dash & Albert

Image via: Dash & Albert

The red option below is SO amazing (and I don't even like red very much!)

Image via:  Marie Daage

Image via: Marie Daage

Animal Print

In my mind, animal print runners are AMAZING! Neutral colours with a BOLD statement. The iconic Antelope pattern from Stark Carpet looks great as a runner and the cheetah print seen in Erin Gates's home is just phenomenal. Choosing an animal print is such a fun way to create serious interest without injecting colour. If you aren't into the brown tones, many manufacturers have animal print options in other colours including blues and greys!

Image via:  Zhush

Image via: Zhush

Image via:  Elements of Style


If you like the look of a classic Persian style rug, definitely consider that style for a runner! A classic for sure, this style is great for traditional homes. If you want something a bit different, think about a Kilim rug as a runner.  A bit more on the eclectic side, a Kilim style is sure to add interest to your space. Just look at the photos below!

Image via:  One Kings Lane

Image via: One Kings Lane


Natural fiber runners, most commonly sisal stair runners are very popular and definitely a great option. Durable and classic, a sisal runner will without a doubt hide dirt and doesn't have to be plain! You can choose an option with a banded edge (in almost any colour), a geometric pattern, or just keep it simple.

Image via:  House Beautiful

Image via: House Beautiful

Image via:  J.K. Kling

Image via: J.K. Kling

Image via:  Joanne Tsakos

Image via: Joanne Tsakos

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