Tasteful Halloween Decor

1. Dress up Candle Holders and Lanterns

Most of you probably have great candle holders or lanterns in your home already - these are great for fall/Halloween decor! Simply add orange or yellow candles or natural elements such as leaves or branches.

Image source: Crate & Barrel 

Image source: Crate & Barrel 

2. Put a Different Twist on Pumpkins

Instead of typical orange pumpkins throughout your house, look for woven pumpkins in wood tones or the popular mercury glass options. Both of these will blend in more seamlessly with existing decor and can be left on display for the entire fall season without feeling too 'Halloween like'.

Image source: Pottery Barn

Image source: Pottery Barn

If you prefer the look of traditional pumpkins, consider painting them in a neutral colour (preferably white) like the ones below! Super cute and simple. 

3. Dress up your Front Door

Dressing up your front door/porch is a great way (and probably the most common) to add a Halloween vibe to your home. This doesn't have to be extravagant, in fact you can probably find half of what you need in your own yard! Looks for tall branches and use a large pumpkin as a vase. Add a few more pumpkins in varying shapes, sizes, and colours and there you have it - a simple yet stylish front porch suited for Halloween! Never overlook natural elements that can be found for FREE.


4. Incorporate Dollar Store Items

Check your local dollar store for typical Halloween items, such as cobwebs, plastic spiders, and candy to incorporate into your existing decor. These ideas are great for everyone from families with young kids all the way to adult Halloween parties!

Look for the classic candy corn or black/orange/yellow/purple candy and fill candle holders or vases that you already have. 


Incorporate cobwebs into your table setting for Halloween parties or decorate vignettes around your home.

For an extra creepy feel, add cheap bugs or animals like the crows below!

Want to achieve a similar Halloween look for your home? Consider the items below! (click on picture for link).

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