Ten Stylish Mailboxes to Improve your Home's Curb Appeal

Happy Friday! Today's post is short as I am on vacation BUT highlights a simple, yet effective way to improve the curb appeal of your home. Often overlooked, your mailbox can add visual interest to your home for little cost! You may be thinking 'why would I spend extra money on my mailbox when I can buy one for $10?' I say, WHY NOT?! 

I purchased the Pottery Barn option below for clients and they always tell me they have received numerous compliments from friends and even the mailman! Look for a stylish mailbox that matches the other elements of your home (i.e. lighting, door hardware, doorbell, etc.) for a cohesive look, especially if you looking at metallic finishes.

Click on the images below to see more! Some are more expensive than others, but there are several options at reasonable price points! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Outdoors, Curb AppealKelly Boyd